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ISSS 2002 Conference Hradec Kralove

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Congress Centre ALDIS, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

ISSS 2002: Responses and Evaluations -- document PDF (300 KB)

The Conference "Internet in Public Administration" ISSS 2002

"The conference has been an immense success. Not only for the quality of the presentations and the dedication and expressed satisfaction of the many participants, but also for the promises which blossomed during the more confidential discussions taking place between the local and regional networks and the Candidate Country representatives," said Gerald SantucciGerald Santucci, head of Unit Applications relating to Administration of the Information Society Directorate-General. "I trust that this year's conference will leave a great footprint on the trail towards eGovernment and that it will be remembered as the beginning of a new sense of dialogue, commitment and leadership for narrowing the several 'divides'--geographic, social, digital, etc.--which still fragment our European territories and to which proper implementation of eGovernment may indeed bring some useful solutions".

The conference ISSS, organized by Triada Company in cooperation with Association of Towns and Communities of the Czech Republic and other institutions, has proved its position as the most significant event in the Czech Republic and very well known in Central and Eastern Europe in the area of information technologies in public administration. The number of participants in the year 2002 (representatives and employees of state and local administration, IT specialists, businessmen from the field of Information and Communication Technologies)--1687 people from 18 countries, and increasing interest from commercial partners and media is the best evidence. The audience heard a total of 153 presentations, including 34 presentations in the framework of the International Seminar and 65 companies took part in the Conference exhibition.

The main goal of International Seminar: Local and Regional Information Society, of the fifth year ISSS 2002 Conference was to facilitate co-operation between associations from Candidate Countries and EU organisations of local regional government. The objectives were

  • Present the current situation in information society building at municipal level, their achievements, municipal projects and activities being implemented and/or prepared, in particular findings of the "Enhancing Active Participation of Sub-national Governments in the EU Enlargement Process" (EAP), working group Information Society of the Visegrad Group countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) and national study of Estonia
  • Enable the CEE associations of municipalities to get acquainted with European information society networks for municipalities, regions and associations of municipalities (TeleCities, ELANET, ERIS@)
  • Present EU Programmes:
    • eGovernment in the 6th Framework Programme--with 10-year vision
    • IDA Program--Interchange of Data between Administrations--a Community program set up in 1995 to promote the electronic exchange of information between administrations
    • eContent Program--supporting the production, use and distribution of European digital content (e-content) on the global network
  • Formulate possible areas of co-operation in information society building and agree on next steps to be taken, in particular with regard to co-ordination of preparation activities of CEE Candidate Countries for EU accession

At the common meeting of ELANET, ERIS@, TeleCities with representatives of candidate countries local government associations a Memorandum of Understanding was adopted. The document is attached. The Candidate Countries' Local and Regional Government Organizations' Network (LOGONet+) aims at:

  • Efficient mutual co-operation of these organisations and establishment of their continuous dialogue at the national and international level
  • Strengthening of the professional relationship with similar organisation in the European Union
  • Identification of co-operation opportunities through the Committee of Regions, Economic and Social Committee, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, and other institutions whenever possible
  • Institutionalisation of the advocacy channel for local and regional governments to the European Union

EuroCrestDuring evening festive programme the Eurocrest prize for the best web presentation of European towns and communities was awarded to the towns Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), Most (Czechia), Tapa (Estonia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Szczecin (Poland) and Nove Zamky (Slovakia).

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